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Posted on July 17 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 02 Preteen Modles Jul 2002 13:47:13 -0700From: JordanSubject: Dreamstreet Love-2Disclaimer: This is a fiction story, nothing in it is true, and is notmeant to imply anything of Chris Trousdale, any other member ofDreamstreet, or any body else listed in here's sexualities. If you aretooyoung to be Preteen Modles reading this or are offended by it please leave now.I would like to thank Slpwriter, the amazing author of My Everything, foreverything he has done for me. He inspired me to make a second story, andshowed me everything i need to know. Thank you again.Hey Everyone, I'm back! Sorry it took so long to make a second chapter.I've been really busy, ya know. So I hope you like this one as much asthe first one.This is my second story,My 1st one goes my the name of Loving Nick Lachey.So if my second one is not as good as my first one remember,It's only my second!~*The Hotel*~Chapter 2My heart was racing faster and faster as he pulled me to the limo. I keptthinking, "Is this really happening?" I still couldn't believe that ChrisTrousdale, THE Chris Trousdale, was inviting me over to his hotel. Thiscould turn into something Preteen Modles totally amazing. We would probably end upmaking out all night, and then we could start a relationship, which meanswe could get married one day, and I could travel withDreamstreet....wait, what am I talking about? I'm reading the signals allwrong. It couldn't be that way. Or could it?Chris pulled me into the limo by pulling up on the door handle and thenhalf dragging-half leading me in. I grabbed the door from behind andpulled it shut. Before I could turn around and look around the limo,Chris' lips were connected with mine and we started making out again. Iput my hands around his waist and he put his behind my neck. Before wecould really get into the moment though, I heard a throat clear, and Ipulled apart from Chris slowly, staring into his eyes. I turned aroundand noticed the rest of the guys from Dreamstreet staring at us withgrins plastered to their faces, except for Matt. I blushed crimson andChris laughed. He leaned closer to me and whispered into my ear,"Don't be embarrassed, their just jealous because their straight and Igot you first.""Are you sure about them being straight?" I whispered back. "It looks tome that Jesse's got a thing for Matt, and Frankie's staring at Greg likehe's the hottest thing on the planet."Jesse was staring at Matt longingly but I highly doubted that Mattnoticed. He was too busy giving Chris the death glare. I kissed Chris onthe cheek really quick to see what Matt would do and sure enough helooked like he was about to kill me. Frankie was staring at Greg's' pantswhere his dick would be and Greg was following his glance. They bothblushed and looked away from each other."So are you two and item now?" Greg asked recovering from hisembarrassment."You mean like you and Frankie should be?" Chris replied. So muchfor recovering from his embarrassment. They looked at each other and andturned away quickly, blushing again. I laughed,"You two really would make a cute couple.""Really?" Frankie asked curiously."Yeah totally. The whole buff bodies, tall, dark, and handsome look goesgood together I think." I replied smiling."Are you saying I'm not buff?" Chris replied faking a sad expression."Why don't you show me tonight? Then we could judge," I said staring athim with total craving in my eyes."Ok buddy, you persuaded me."He leaned into me again and this time, we really got into it. If theother guys were so perverted to look at us then let them. He laid me downon my back, and I pushed my hands into the bottom of his shirt. I startedrubbing up and down his chest and he moaned as I pinched his nipples. Hepushed his tongue onto my lips and I opened them, excepting his entrance.He slowly rubbed his tongue against mine, and then we started pushingagainst each others tongues. His arms were on either side of me, and heheld himself up as we made out. I swear this guy is amazing. I'll neverget enough of him. We broke our kiss and he licked his way down to myneck. He started sucking and I moaned really loud because of my weakspot."Oh god," I whispered as I was pretty sure of a hicky forming on my neck."Oh...oh GOD!" I pulled him off my neck and flipped him over so he was onthe bottom. I started doing the same thing to his neck Preteen Modles only moreaggressive. He groaned so loud I wondered why the limo driver didn't winddown the window."Oh yeah, oh god Jordan, come on," he whispered to me slowly."I feel like I'm gonna cum..." I started grinding on his dick with mineand he started grinding back. I heard exasperated gasps from the otherside of the limo and someone said, "I think I'm gonna heave," but Ididn't care. If he wanted this, then so did I. I was just about to cumwhen the car stopped and the driver turned on the intercom and said thatwe were at the hotel where they were staying. We stopped and stared intoeach others eyes one last time before exiting the limo."You guys are sick." Greg said coming out behind us. "It's bad enoughthat you guys do that in private, but in public? Eww gross.""You know. If Frankie let you, you two would have fun grinding," I toldhim. He turned his head to hide the embarrassment. I just laughed anturned to Chris and whispered in his ear,"I wanna finish that tonight. One of us better be relieved before thenight is over, and I'm betting that it's gonna be you. How do you likebeing served?" I asked in total sarcasm. He looked at me and whisperedback,"Don't you think it's a little early for blow jobs? I mean we just mettoday.""Ok, whatever you want. If you wanna wait till next month to do it thenI'll Preteen Modles just...""Hell no! I was thinking more of a tomorrow thing," Chris grinned.I kissed him on the cheek, and we entered the hotel room. We separatedbecause we didn't want to look like we were a couple, just good friends.We went into the elevator and Chris pushed the button that read 22 on theside panel. I looked up to check and see if there were cameras, and sincethere weren't, I kissed Chris on the lips."Ya know, one of these days were gonna get caught doing that." He said tome."Sorry Chris, I just can't get enough of you." I replied, with slightdisappointment."Aw come here." Chris said seeing my expression.He kissed me again and right when we separated, the elevator doors openedand we stepped out into the corridor. The guys all had separate rooms,except for Greg and Frankie."Hey Frankie, do you like sharing a room with the guy you're supposed tobe with?" I asked him. He came up and whispered to me,"Actually yes. Yesterday I saw him naked coming out of the shower."I laughed and went into Chris' room. I closed the door and locked it,noticing that Chris was getting undressed."Uh Chris, what are you doing?""I just had a concert, and I wanna smell good for my lover." He said in amatter-of-fact tone."Oh how sweet. You actually *do* care for me."He came over to me in his boxers, as in *JUST* his boxers, and pushed meagainst the nearest wall. I thought it was very sexy how he was trying totake control so I told him."Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you take control?""No, but now that you said it, yes. I just wanna show you the truth.""The truth?" I asked, confused."Yeah, because the fact that I'm falling in love with you can't stay inany longer."He connected his lips with mine, and this became one of the mostmemorable moments in my life. He started unbuckling my belt while myhands were rubbing his back. His tongue slithered into my mouth and wepushed against each others tongues. I stepped out of my pants and hebroke the kiss. He grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up andover my head. He whistled and I blushed."Do you work out? Because if you don't I wanna know what you eat.""Actually I was wrong Chris.""Wrong about what?" He asked still staring at my pecs and abs."You really are buff. I'll give you a ten." I told him staring at hisbody. I always thought he looked skinny in pictures, but I was sadlymistaking. Hey had a nice six pack and beautiful pecs."A ten? You're giving me a ten? Out of what?""Five." I replied."Oh god I love you." He said staring into my eyes. After a moment went byhe asked me,"Aren't you gonna say 'I love you' too?""How 'bout I just show you?" I asked him."What are ya gonna do?" He asked me curiously."Just close your eyes and trust me."He closed his eyes and I back him up to sit on the bed. He out his handsbehind him and his legs were open. I pulled hid dick out of his boxersand kissed it before he realized what I was going to do."I thought we decided you would do this tomorrow?" He asked me openinghis eyes."Chris, from the bottom of my heart, shut up.""I can do that."I licked his dick up and down getting it hard as a rock. It tastedleathery and soft at the same time. It Preteen Modles was about seven inches long, and Iknow I would have a challenge downing this. I've never had anything seveninches long, more or less a cock. I finally dove down and chocked on it'shugeness."Are you ok baby?" Chris asked me putting his hands on the back of myhead and pulling me up."Yeah I'm fine, I've just never done this before.""Really? Well, you're a natural sexy...ohhh GOD!" He moaned as I wentdown on him again. This time I could fit more of him into my mouth. Iwent up one last time before finally coming down and taking all of it in.He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed my head up and down ashe Preteen Modles thrust into my mouth. He moaned and groaned for what seemed like hoursbefore finally yelling,"OH GOD HERE IT COMES!" He started thrusting harder and harder into mymouth as his semen squirted eight or nine times into the back of mythroat. As his orgasm came to and end, and my mouth started over flowingI licked his cock and cleaned it up. I went up to look into his eyeswhich Preteen Modles were hot with love."My god Jordan. That was amazing!" He smiled breathing hard. I kissed himon the lips and he licked up all the parts of himself that I Preteen Modles missedswallowing."Let's skip the shower tonight Chris." I told him laying next to him andcovering him up with the sheet."Good idea. I love you Jordan." He told me while I put my head on hisoh-so-handsome chest."I love you too Chris. Always and forever..."TBC.....?
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